Aha! Teacher Smart Camera




What if we enabled teachers to evaluate themselves, privately, without judgement,and to do so on a daily basis. Aha! is a smart camera that gives teachers the power to quickly gather video of themselves based on specific questions they have about their teaching practice and privately view and reflect on auto-edited clips.


Raspberry Pi, PiCamera, the Picam library, Shell, Python Flask, Javascript


Researched the history of audio, video, and electronic media in teacher education and professional development in the United State and abroad, specifically finding Deborah Ball's book *Teaching, Multimedia, and Mathematics* illuminating.

Built a portable camera that captured continuous audio and video saving video only during specific times scheduled by teacher or indicated by teacher in the moment using front-end application.

Set up the camera to have a private wireless network with a 'website' that teachers used to schedule recording times, capture specific moments, and subsequently view saved videos.